Conflict Management Practicum I & II


Students are trained to conduct mediations and hearings for students through the university’s conflict resolution system. Practicum participants learn about the mediation process, conflict management, negotiating difficult conversations and situations, and laws pertaining to mediation, with focus on mediation in a school setting. Students are trained on how to administer student mediations and conduct hearings through the university’s conflict resolution system.


Macey Edmondson, Interim Assistant Dean for Admissions and Scholarships

Student Quote


The Conflict Practicum gave me the opportunity to learn about my conflict management style in a practical way. I gained valuable mediation skills that are not available in a classroom setting. Additionally, working with the University of Mississippi Conduct Office taught me how to better communicate with individuals from various backgrounds, thus, expanding my comfort level in order to work in challenging situations.

Heather E. Horn, 3L

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