The Juris Doctor/Master of Taxation (J.D./M.Tax.) and Juris Doctor/Master of Accountancy (J.D./M.Accy.) Degrees

The Patterson School of Accountancy, the School of Law and the Graduate School jointly offer programs for those students who desire training in law and accountancy or taxation. By allowing students to meet requirements for two degrees simultaneously, students are able to earn the M.Tax. or M.Accy. and the J.D. degrees in a shorter length of time than would be the case if each degree were pursued separately. In general, certain courses are used in partial satisfaction of the requirements for both degrees.

The program is designed for students who contemplate careers in law or public service and wish to acquire the common body of knowledge of accountancy and become Certi-fied Public Accountants (CPAs), or who contemplate careers in accountancy, taxation or business (either private or public sector) and wish to acquire the professional skills and capacities of lawyers.

Admission Requirements: Applications to the concurrent degree programs must meet the admission requirements of each school, including standard admission tests and prerequisites, and must follow the application procedures described by the respective schools. A separate application to each school must be made within the prescribed deadlines, and applicants must be accepted by each school to participate in a concurrent degree program. An applicant who is accepted by one school but not the other has the option of entering the school that offered admission. Students already enrolled in one of the schools may enroll in the concurrent program by obtaining admission to the other, providing that they do so early enough to take all required courses. Students must enroll in all 31 hours of required first year law courses in one academic year. Undergraduates looking forward to the program should consult with each school as early as possible.

Fees: Students enrolled in a concurrent degree program will pay law school fees.

Curriculum: Prospective students should consult with the School of Law and the Patterson School of Accountancy for current details regarding the required curriculum for each program.