Non-Discrimination Policy

The University of Mississippi provides equal opportunity in any employment practice, education program, or education activity to all qualified persons. The University complies with all applicable laws regarding equal opportunity and affirmative action and does not unlawfully discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment based upon race, color, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or genetic information.

Employment opportunities will not be distinguished on the basis of gender unless gender is a bona fide occupational qualification.  Employment opportunities will not be distinguished on the basis of age except where age is reasonably taken into account as a factor necessary to the normal operation or the achievement of any statutory objective of a program or activity.

The University of Mississippi School of Law promotes the employment of its students and graduates in accordance with the above policy statement.  The Law School’s Career Services Office and facilities are available only to those employers whose practices are consistent with this policy, as well as with all applicable laws and regulations governing discrimination in employment.

Reciprocity Policy

The Career Services Office (CSO) of The University of Mississippi School of Law provides to students and graduates of ABA accredited law schools reasonable access to CSO facilities and career resources.  Such services and facilities are available to law schools who reciprocate on behalf of students and graduates of The University of Mississippi School of Law.

Requests for reciprocal services must be made in writing by a career services official and sent to Cassandra Latimer at   A copy of the reciprocity policy of the requesting school should be included, as well as an address or email address for the student or graduate seeking reciprocity privileges.

Reciprocity includes access to current position vacancy announcements posted on The University of Mississippi Symplicity system and e-mail career advising.

Reciprocity does not include:

  • On-campus interview appointments
  • Individual career counseling, off-campus job conferences, or resume referral services.

Reciprocity is not available from August 15 to December 1.

Applicants granted reciprocity must state in cover letters to employers that the job listings were provided by The University of Mississippi School of Law through a reciprocal agreement with their school.

Video-conferenced Interview Policy

The University of Mississippi School of Law is pleased to offer video-conferencing as a cost-effective method for interviewing our students remotely.   In order to ensure room and equipment availability, while minimizing scheduling conflicts, please follow the policy below.


Before finalizing your video-conferenced interview, you will need to complete the following steps:

Upon learning of the employer’s interest in conducting an interview by videoconference,

  • Advise a representative of Career Services so we may obtain affirmative assurance of the employer’s adherence to our non-discrimination policy.
  • Obtain the name of the employer’s technology person.  Members of our IT department will need that information to ensure the compatibility of the employer’s systems with ours and to conduct a test of the videoconference hardware prior to your interview.

You must verify the availability of a room with videoconference capability and contact our IT department a minimum of three business days in advance of your potential interview time.

  • To reserve the Dean’s conference room, Room 2073, you must check with Ms. Pamela Gordon, Assistant to the Dean, in the Dean’s suite.  Her e-mail is
  • To reserve all other Cisco-Tandberg IP Video Conference rooms (Room 1078, 1090 and Moot Court Rooms I & II), you must contact Ms. Rose Maten at
  • To schedule a videoconference via Go-To-Meeting, you may use almost any of the law school classrooms with connectivity.  Contact Ms. Maten to verify room availability at
  1. Tentatively reserve your room with either Ms. Gordon or Ms. Maten.  Neither of them will finalize your reservation until they receive a confirmation from our IT department.
  2. Provide Mr. Paul Bennett or Mr. Poindexter Barnes in the IT department with the employer’s technology person’s contact information as obtained from your interviewer.
  3. Finalize your reservation with Ms. Gordon or Ms. Maten.
  4. Prepare for your interview and then interview!

A few final notes:  Videoconferencing is on a first-come-first-served basis. Currently, the law school can only conduct one Go-To-Meeting event at a tim


The Office of Career Services will be requesting affirmation of your compliance with the law school non-discrimination policy before videoconference arrangements are confirmed.

The platforms available for videoconferencing are Go-To-Meeting Video Conference and Cisco-Tandberg IP (true) Videoconference.  While the Go-To-Meeting conferencing is available in a broader array of rooms, the law school can only conduct one Go-To-Meeting event at a time.  Given the necessary coordination between our IT department and your IT staff, we ask that you refrain from finalizing your videoconference interview appointment until after the student has confirmed both room and equipment availability.

Student Complaint Procedures for Employer Violation of Nondiscrimination Policies: Copies are available in the Career Services Office, Room 1102.