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What Is the Career Services Office (CSO) and How Can the Staff Help Me?

The Career Services Office

An old proverb states, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for today.  Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever.”  Restated in Career Services terms, the proverb would go something like, Give a student a job and he or she may work for today; teach the tools of the job search and he or she will be upwardly mobile throughout a career.”   Now let’s look at the first part of that proverb.  The Career Services office is a conduit from legal employers to law students. That means that although we do not create jobs or give them out…only employers can do that…we do provide job listings, interview programs and other opportunities for students to connect with potential employers.

But there is so much more to your job search; namely education.  Our mission at the CSO is to teach you how to identify and research employment opportunities that coincide with your interests, skills and values so that ultimately you can find fulfilling work as an attorney or use your legal skills in other personally satisfying ways.   We facilitate your exploration of legal and non-traditional career paths while linking you with alumni, practitioners, and the community. Statistics show that your first job out of law school will likely not be your last. Therefore, the CSO provides you with the tools and skills necessary to successfully conduct a job search now and in the future.

How the CSO Can Help

Not all employers are alike; all have different hiring profiles.  Not all students are alike; each has different knowledge, skills, attributes, experiences and goals.  Your CSO counselors add value by helping students uncover and professionally present their combined attributes; we counsel students about career exploration and planning their law school experience, review resumes and cover letters, help students prepare for interviews, handle job offers or salary negotiations, make the most of attending job fairs, and on a multitude of other subjects. Simply put, the CSO helps students find the path to a career.

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