Career services helped me to present myself to potential employers in the best light possible. After Career Services reworked my resume and cover letter I knew that when a firm looked at the information I sent them they could really see me instead of just some information on a page. Their invaluable help made sure that I didn’t get in my own way in my job search and helped me to have a “paper persona” crafted to suit the individual needs of each employer. Career services is a resource that everyone should use, no matter where you are in your job search!”


I could not be more grateful for Career Services. Career Services notified me of a firm that was located close to my hometown that specialized in every area of law that I had expressed interest!! The attorneys at that firm were awesome and I was able to get a lot of practical experience. I was also able to obtain a part-time job for the upcoming year from the contacts that I made at this firm. Career Services made me realize how important experience is in the legal profession and provided me with ample opportunities to do so.”

-Angela Smith, 2L

Career Services provided me with specific possible internships via e-mail as well as access to a wealth of information concerning internships at the local, state and national level on a jobs database. They also helped me develop my interview skills by helping me develop a narrative about my experience and ambitions as well as preparing for possible questions employers might ask. By doing this, Career Services allowed me to become a more confident interviewee. Career Services allowed me to assess the realities of the current job market while still striving to find internships in the field that I would like to practice in, Environmental Law.”

-Ben Sloan (2L)

Career Services is one of the best resources at our law school. I cannot imagine having to face the tough job market without using the resources provided to me in Career Services. Career Services has helped me create professional resumes and cover letters that make me a more attractive and marketable candidate for jobs. My job search was stagnant before asking for their help. However, they trained me on how to showcase my experience and education in ways that I had never imagined. I have received more interviews as a result of their suggestions. Career Services has provided me with the tools and confidence I need to begin my job search.”

-DeJarnette Trice, Class of 2012