Clinic Students Get Second Case Reversal Within Two Weeks

Student lawyers Adrienne S. Moore and Rashawn N. Jones (JD 12) won a reversal from the Mississippi Court of Appeals on October 29, 2013, in the case of Anthony Carothers v. State.  This reversal marks the second in two weeks by Criminal Appeals Clinic students, who are under the direction of Professor Phil Broadhead.  The Court reversed on grounds that the prosecution improperly attempted to impeach its own complaining witness’ testimony.  The Court said: “A review of the record indicates that Sheena’s testimony from the bond hearing essentially mirrors her testimony at trial. Additionally, no blatant hostile behavior had been exhibited at the trial prior to the State’s request that Sheena be treated as a hostile witness. We find that the State did not lay the proper foundation for proving that Sheena was a hostile witness. Accordingly, the circuit court committed error in deeming her an adverse or hostile witness.”

Read the opinion.

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