The Law School offers a wellness challenge each semester that encourages them to earn points through a variety of wellness opportunities.

Our Wellness Program Challenge is designed to make sure law students are including things in their daily routine that help maintain balance in their lives. “Living a life that is out of balance can make it extra hard to excel in law school. Those living an unbalanced life no longer have time for hobbies that used to act as stress relievers and that added fun and excitement to their life. The neglect of one’s health while dealing with a heavy course load and busy schedule can make it more difficult for the body to fight off stress as well. Add to that a constant “on the go” eating routine, lack of regular exercise, and poor sleeping habits, and quickly one can see why law students are easy targets for stress and anxiety” (Ben Gibson, How Law Students Can Cope: A Student’s View, 60 J. Legal Educ. 140 (2010)).

The challenge consists of exercising, eating well, drinking water, taking vitamins, and volunteering among other things so that other areas of life are not neglected. There are prizes for the student with the most points at the end of the semester.

Please join our Law School Wellness Facebook page “Ole Miss Law Wellness Program (” and request membership. Use the hashtag #UMLAWANEWYEARANEWYOU on Facebook and there will be prizes for the best photos!

As part of our Wellness Challenge, we want students to remember that the following things are important aspects to wellness:

  • Mental Health– remember that there is a Counseling Center on campus that can help you with things like anxiety, stress, and depression. Please utilize this resource! It’s much cheaper now than it will be post law school.  Please note that the counseling center has moved to the 2nd floor of Lester Hall (where Parking Services is located).
  • Recovery Assistance– Recovery groups are available to law students. Of course, you can always come by the Office of Student Affairs, the university counseling center, or you can contact a recovery group directly. The Mississippi Bar has options for law students here or you can join a Law Student ListServ. The ABA’s Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs maintains a confidential listserv for recovering law students. Interested students can contact Niki Irish at
  • Volunteering– keep in mind that volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. In turn, it helps you develop a sense of purpose which, you guessed it, keeps stress levels low. Please take advantage of volunteering opportunities throughout the semester.

How to join in on the Wellness Challenge

Student, faculty, and staff can join in on the Wellness Challenge:

  1. Download the Point Spreadsheet.
  2. We will be using the EveryMove app to measure physical activity, so get the app and start using it to get used to it (you can sync it to other apps you are already using).