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Steven Skultety

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My research focuses on the way ancient philosophers understood human beings who were at odds with one another. Currently my work concentrates on Aristotle’s political philosophy, but my long-term goal is to produce work that will track arguments about interpersonal conflict from the Presocratics to the Stoics. Outside of ancient philosophy, my research interests include virtue theory, republicanism, as well as democratic theory.


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Review of M.H. Hansen’s Reflections on Aristotle’s Politics (Museum Tusculanum, 2013) for The Classical Review (June 2014)

Review of the The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Political Philosophy, ed. Stephen Salkever (Cambridge, 2009) for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (6-27-2010)

Review of G.E.R. Lloyd’s Disciplines in the Making (Oxford, 2009) for The Review of Metaphysics (Sept, 2010)

Review of Ronna Burger’s Aristotle’s Dialogue with Socrates: On the Nicomachean Ethics (U. of Chicago, 2008) for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (1-11-2009)

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Review of Ryan Balot’s Greek Political Thought (Blackwell, 2006) for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (6-16-2007)

Review of Jill Frank’s A Democracy of Distinction: Aristotle and the Work of Politics (Chicago: University of Chicago, 2005) for Ethics Vol.116 No.2 (2006)