Professor Will Berry was recognized by the Mississippi Legislature recently at the annual HEADWAE program, which recognizes outstanding students and faculty members from 34 Mississippi public and private universities and colleges. The program was established by legislative resolution to honor individual academic achievement and the overall contribution of the state’s public and private institutions of higher learning.

Professor Mercer E. Bullard has been awarded the 2013-2014 Professor of the Year. 

Professor Stacey M. Lantagne has written a new book, The Girl Who Never Was.  You may read about the book here.

Professor Jacquie Serrao drafted the Air Navigation Service Provider Act for the Government of Kenya, creating a new air traffic service provider, and effectively separating the air traffic control services from its regulator (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority). She also drafted the national policy for liberalization and open skies for the Government of Armenia, and is currently drafting that country’s civil aviation laws and regulations to allow for a liberalized market, and access into the European Common Aviation Area.  Serrao is also drafting the economic aviation regulations for the Government of Ghana.