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The University of Mississippi School of Law draws its strength inside and outside the classroom from a dynamic faculty, whose diverse interests and experiences serve our students and surrounding communities. The faculty offers students a wide range of practical courses from business transaction and tax courses to in-depth clinical experiences in domestic violence, immigration and criminal appeals. Our faculty is characterized by diverse ideological and methodological perspectives that enrich the lives of our students. The variety of textbooks and course books published by our faculty in such areas of family law, intellectual property and tort law is a testament to the dedication to pedagogical method at the School of Law.

Beyond the classroom, the law school is at the forefront of emerging scholarship in a number of different disciplines. Faculty expertise in state and national issues of civil procedure, civil rights, intellectual property, civil and individual liberties, health care law, law and religion, criminal procedure and administrative law is demonstrated by publication in leading law review journals. The faculty is equally engaged in international work as many of our faculty, besides publishing in leading law reviews, are engaged in advising international organizations and governments on issues such as disability, mediation, and space and aviation law.

Additionally, our faculty is engaged in a range of interdisciplinary work, using history, philosophy and economics to inform analysis on a range of legal issues. Finally, our faculty serves communities outside of the law school, testifying before state, national and international bodies and serving in state, national and international organizations.

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The University of Mississippi School of Law values its diverse lot of staff members, who serve in various capacities throughout the law school.  With nearly 70 members, the UM Law School staff remains critical to the success of the mission of the law school and its day-to-day functions and happenings.

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