Professor Michele Alexandre

Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss CommunicationsProfessor Michele Alexandre’s article “Justice Kagan’s Presidential Administration and Bioengineered Foods: Making the Case for Congressional Guidance as a Check to Presidential Policy Setting,” appeared in The Indiana Law Review. You can read Michele’s article on SSRN. Michele Alexandre was also named by Lawyers of Color as one of the 50 “Most Influential Minority Law Professors 50 Years of Age or Younger.” Learn more details.

Professor Debbie Bell

Faculty Member Deborah BellProfessor Debbie Bell taught comparative family in Cambridge this summer. This month, Debbie will speak with Mississippi appellate court clerks on developments in family law. In June, the Pro Bono Initiative partnered with the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyer Project to assist pro se litigants in DeSoto County. Learn more about the Pro Bono Initiative.

Professor Will Berry

Professor Image of Professor William BerryWill Berry published an article on the Slate about labor unions and the NCAA. 

Professor John Bradley

Image of Professor John BradleyProfessor Emeritus John Robin Bradley established the Medgar Evers Scholarship Endowment with gifts exceeding $100,000.  Read the story.

In July, the 2013 edition of his book was published by West (called Thomson Reuters nowadays) and is also on Westlaw.  John R. Bradley & Linda A. Thompson, Mississippi Workers’ Compensation,2013 edition (Thomson Reuters) ISBN 978-0-314-61950-1.

Professor Phil Broadhead

Image of Professor Philip BroadheadProfessor Phil Broadhead appeared for oral argument before the Mississippi Supreme Court in Walker v. State, a Criminal Appeals Clinic case. (The briefs were written by students Laci McCullough Bonner and Ben Lewis.)

He was also featured in an article on “Stand Your Ground” laws which appeared in the Tupelo Daily Journal. Read the article.

Professor Mercer Bullard

Image of Professor Mercer BullardProfessor Mercer Bullard posted “The Social Costs of Choice, Free Market Ideology and the Empirical Consequences of the 401(k) Plan Large Menu Defense” on SSRN.  The article was featured on aiCIO’s website.  Mercer also testified before Congress (details here and here) and filed comments on an SEC rule proposal (details here and here).

Additionally, Mercer has been quoted extensively in the national media–including Marketwatch, Frontline, and The New York Times, and was cited by the Seventh Circuit in a case involving insider trading and mutual funds. Read more details. He was also quoted in Barron’s and the Financial Times.

Professor Tucker Carrington

Professor Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss CommunicationsTucker Carrington has a book chapter coming out in How Can You Represent Those People?. This volume, edited by Abbe Smith and Monroe Freedman, is released August 14th.  Read more about this book.

You can find Tucker’s latest article, “CSI Mississippi: The Cautionary Tale of Mississippi’s Medico-Legal History,” on his SSRN page.

Professor Tom Clancy

Image of Professor Tom ClancyProfessor Tom Clancy celebrated his 10th anniversary as an instructor with the National Judicial College this May. The NJC presented Tom with a plaque in honor of his service to the judicial community. You can also read Tom’s introduction to the MLJ symposium on “William Rehnquist’s Fourth Amendment.  You can find more of Tom’s articles on his SSRN page.

Tom Clancy’s symposium piece “The Fourth Amendment’s Exclusionary Rule as a Constitutional Right” appeared in The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law. You can read that piece on SSRN.

Tom was also quoted in the Washington Post—discussing Chief Justice Roberts and the Fourth Amendment. This summer, Professor Clancy taught summer school at the University of Hawaii School of Law, spoke at a judicial conference in Nebraska, and drafted an article entitled “The Purpose of the Fourth Amendment.”

Professor Sam Davis

Image of Professor Sam DavisProfessor Sam Davis recently completed the manuscript for the fifth edition of his casebook Children and the Legal System. You can read about the current edition on this website.

Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz

Image of Professor Joanne GabrynowiczProfessor Joanne Gabrynowicz spoke at an event on sensor journalism at the Columbia School of Journalism. Joanne discussed satellite imagery and geospatial technologies.  She was also quoted in the New York Daily News.

Dean Richard Gershon

Image of Dean Richard GershonDean Gershon began hosting a new radio program in July—In Legal Terms—with Mississippi Public Broadcasting.  Read more about the new program.

Professor Karen Green

Image of Professor Karen GreenProfessor Green began serving on the Secretary of State’s 2013 Revenue Fairness Study Group this summer.  The group looks at proposed legislation for the collection of Mississippi sales and use taxes by out-of-state retailers. In particular, the group is studying the Marketplace Fairness Act, currently pending in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the changes in Mississippi statutes required to comply with that Act.  In addition, the group is considering whether Mississippi should join the Streamline Sales Tax Program, under which many large internet retailers have agreed to voluntarily collect sales and use tax for member states.

Read more about this study group.

Associate Dean For Academic Affairs Matthew Hall

Professor Image of Professor Matthew HallMatthew Hall began hosting a new radio program this summer—In Legal Terms—with Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Read more about the new program.

Professor Michael Hoffheimer

Image of Professor Michael HoffheimerProfessor Mike Hoffheimer’s latest piece, “Copyright, Competition, and the First English-Language Translations of ‘Les Miserables (1862),’” appeared as the lead article in The Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review.

Senior Research Counsel Niki Pace

pace-picNiki Pace was recently selected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Mississippi Bar’s Section on Natural Resources, Environment & Energy Law (SONREEL). Read more about SONREEL

Professor Ron Rychlak

Image of Professor Ronald RychlakProfessor Ron Rychlak published a 2013 update to his book Real and Demonstrative Evidence: A Real World Practice Manual for Winning at Trial.  Ron’s new book, Disinformation, is now out with accompanying DVD.  Find out more about Disinformation.

He also wrote the foreword to another new book that was just released: Child Abuse, Family Rights, and the Child Protective System (Stephen M. Krason, ed.), Scarecrow Press, 2013, which may be found on Amazon.

Professor Stephanie Showalter-Otts

Image of Stephanie Showalter-OttsShowalter-Otts was featured in a story on invasive quagga mussels which draws on the research of the National Sea Grant Law Center. The story appeared in Stateline: The Daily News Service of the Pew Charitable Trusts.  Read the story.