The Law School’s Faculty Colloquium Lecture series offer faculty members the opportunity to present their research to colleagues from the Law School, other UM Departments, and specially invited students.

2015-2016 Faculty Colloquium Lectures

Michele Alexandre
“De-gendering Society: The School to Courtroom Pipeline as both a Substantial Obstacle and a Promising Avenue”
Monday, March 7, 12:45 in Room 1115

Chris Green
“Duly Convicted: The Thirteenth Amendment as Procedural Due Process”
Monday, February 28, 12:45 in Room 1115

Stacey Lantagne
“When Real People Become Fictional: The Collision of Trademark, Copyright, and Publicity Rights in Online Stories about Celebrities”
Monday, February 1, 12:45 in Room 1115

Antonia Eliason
“Discrimination in Education against the Roma in Europe – A Critical Race Theory Perspective”
Monday, September 14, 12:45 in Room 1115

2014-2015 Faculty Colloquium Lectures

Tucker Carrington
“The Shifted Paradigm: Forensic Science’s Overdue Evolution away from Magic and toward Law”
Monday, March 16, 12:45 in Room 1115

Stacey Lantagne
“Defending the Normative Value of the Fan Community Trademarking of Copyright”
Monday, February 16, 12:45 in Room 1115

Mercer Bullard
“Rothschild’s Law and Batch Auctions: A New Tool for Enforcing Insider Trading Law”
Monday, November 10, 12:45 in Room 1115

David Case
“The Lost Generation: Environmental Regulatory Reform in the Era of Congressional Abdication”
Monday, October 27, 12:45 in Room 1115

Michele Alexandre
What’s in a Name? Who Are You Calling a B…?”
Monday, October 13, 12:45 in Room 1115

2013-2014 Faculty Colloquium Lectures

Ben Cooper
“Computers Do Not Practice Law (Yet)”
Monday, April 7, 12:10 in Room 1115

Stacey Lantagne
“Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Devoted Fandom: Reimagining a Fair Use Analysis to Recognize the Value of Traditional Fanworks in the Economic Incentive Model of Copyright”
Monday, March 31, 12:10 in Room 1115

Antonia Eliason
“The Trade Facilitation Agreement – Episode IV: A New Hope for the WTO”
Monday, March 24, 12:10 in Room 1115

Tucker Carrington
“How Can You Represent Those People?”
Monday, October 14, 12:10 in Room 1115

Desiree Hensley
“Domestic Enforcement of the Human Right to Food in the Mississippi Delta: Subsistence as a Civil and Political Right”
Monday, September 23, 12:10 in Room 1115

Chris Green
“Originalism and Knowledge: How to Think about Indeterminacy, Activism, Vagueness, Executive Review, and Precedent”
Monday, September 16, 12:10 in Room 1115

2012-2013 Faculty Colloquium Lectures

Kris Gilliland
“Tools for Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning”
Wednesday, April 3, 12:10 in Room 1115

Tucker Carrington 
“CSI Mississippi: The Cautionary Tale of Mississippi’s Medico-Legal History”
Monday, March 4, 12:10 in Room 1115

Will Berry
“Juveniles and Death: the Same Kind of Different?”
Monday, February 25, 12:10 in Room 1115

Hans Sinha 
“Emmett Till – Myth vs. Fact”
Monday, February 4, 12:10 in Room 1115