Recent and Forthcoming Student Publications

Joseph Rychlak – The Crime-Terror Nexus: A Recurring Theme in the European Union and the Council of Europe” International Enforcement Law Reporter, Vol. 33, Issue 10 (October 2017), co-authored with Professor Michael Plachta.

Wes Bulgarella, Baseball’s Best Bet: A Call for the Legalization of Baseball Gambling in the United States, Gaming Law Review and Economics (2017) Link

Honor Humphrey – Harmonization of EU Gaming Laws: Why Gaming Laws Should Be an Exclusive Competence of the EU, Gaming Law Review and Economics (2017) Link

Paul David Walley, “Officially Gambling: Tim Donaghy and the NBA’s Need for an Absolute Ban on Referee Gambling,” Gaming Law Review and Economics (2017) Link

Autumn T. Breeden – Raisins Are Not Oysters: Horne and the Improper Synthesis of the Public and Wildlife Trusts, Arizona Journal of Environmental Law and Policy   Link

Alexandra Bruce – Stevens, R.A.V., and Animal Cruelty Speech: Why Congress’s New Statute Remains Constitutionally Problematic, Gonzaga Law Review   Link

Amanda L. Busch – Teach Me How to Derby: The Need for Standardized Regulations in Horse Racing, Gaming Law Review and Economics   Link

Adolyn Brooke Clark – ERISA Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Shifting the Burden of Proving Causation to the Defendant, Defense Counsel Journal (peer edited) Link

Madison Elizabeth Coburn – The Supreme Court’s Mistake on Law Enforcement Mistake of Law: Why States Should Not Adopt Heien v. North Carolina, Wake Forest Journal of Law and Policy Link

Sean Doran – Bringing Bankruptcy Back: Reconciling the Bankruptcy Code and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Norton Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law (peer edited)

Morgan Eason – A Bone to Pick: Applying a Best Interest of the Family Standard in Pet Custody Disputes, South Dakota Law Review (lead article) Link

Darian Rae Etienne – Victims, Not Criminals: Exempting and Immunizing Children Subjected to Sex Trafficking from Prosecution for Prostitution, Whittier Journal of Child and Family Advocacy Link

Shayna A. Giles – Trade Dress: An Unsuitable Fit for Product Design in the Fashion Industry, Journal for the Patent and Trademark Office Society (peer edited) Link

Taylor Hardenstein – In Space, No One Can Hear You Contest Jurisdiction: Establishing Criminal Jurisdiction on the Outer Space Colonies of Tomorrow, Southern Methodist University Journal of Air Law and Commerce

Rodgrick Hickman – Will Love Win Again? When Religious Organizations, Government Subsidies, Adoption and the Establishment Clause Collide, Southern Journal of Policy and Justice Link

Will Holley – Starting From Scratch: Reasserting “Indian Country” in Alaska by Placing Alaska Native Land into Trust, Florida A&M Law Review

Peter H. Liddell – Marooning by Gridlock: Armstrongand and the Continuous Strain between Medicaid Costs and Healthcare Access, Dartmouth Law Journal Link

Daniel McDonald – Reputation Will Teach the Sharing Economy to Share, University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy

Rob Noland – Civil Resurrection: A statutory and Punitive Approach to Felony Disenfranchisement, The Southern Journal of Policy and Justice

Cate Rodgers – The Impact of Walker’s Government Speech Extension on Public Transit Advertising, Transportation Law Journal (University of Denver) Link

Rachel Marie Smith – Why Can’t My Waiter Sing Happy Birthday: The Chilling Effect of Corporate Copyright Control, IDEA: The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property Link

Anastasia Allmon, Innocence is Different, __ Widener J. L. Econ. & Race __ (2015).

Michael Anderson, International Money Laundering: The Need for ICC Investigative and Adjudicative Jurisdiction, 53 Va. J. Int’l L. 763 (2013). View Publication.

Taylor Baronich, Bleeding Mexico, __ Or. Rev. Int’l L __ (2016).

Ryan J. Becker, World Cup 2026 Now Accepting Bribes: A Fundamental Transformation of FIFA’s World Cup Bid Process 13 Int’l Sports L. J. 132 (2013).

Brennan Black, Closing the Open Door: Using ‘True Economic Realities’ to Determine the Tax Deductibility of False Claims Act Settlements, 50 Gonz. L. Rev. 2 (2015). View Publication.

Connor Bush, The Legal Shift of the NCAA’s ‘Big 5’ Member Conferences to Independent Athletic Associations: Combining NFL and Conference Governance Principles to Maintain the Unique Product of College Athletics, 16 U. Den. Sports & Ent. L.J. 5 (2014). View Publication.

Victor Cobb, Penny Auctions: Auction, Gambling, or Entertainment Shopping? 17 Gaming L. Rev & Econ. 350 (2013). View Publication.

Nicole Giffin, Privacy Issues Surrounding the Tracking and Sharing of Boat Movement Information as Part of Invasive Species Prevention Programs, 3 Ariz. J. Envtl. L. & Pol’y 141(2013). View Publication.

Derek Goff, New Life in the First Amendment: Funeral Protest Statutes After McCullen v. Coakley, __ Dartmouth L.J. __ (2015). View Publication.

Lawrence T. Gunnells II, Repealing the Second Prohibition: The Case for Legal Internet Gambling in America, 20 Gaming L. Rev & Econ. 318 (2016). View Publication.

Kye Handy, Racking Up the Money: A Solution to the Ongoing Battle between Rico and the Revenue Rule, 4 Global Bus. L. Rev. 92 (2014)

Olivia B. Hoff, Transnational Cyber Age: Private Cyber Law for Individuals and Corporations, 1 vol. 2 J. L. Tech. & Pub. Pol’y 103 (2015).

John Juricich, Freeing Buskers’ Free Speech Rights: Impact of Regulations on Buskers’ Right to Free Speech and Expression, __ Harv. J. Sports & Ent. L. __ (2016).

Casey S. McKay, Tactics, Strategies & Battles—Oh My!: Perseverance of the Perpetual Problem Regarding Preaching to Public School Pupils & Why it Persists, 8 U. Mass. L. Rev. 442 (2013).

Wesley McCulloch, Casino- Versus State-Directed Amenities Investment: A Comparison of Mississippi and New Jersey Laws and Regulations Concerning Economic Development, 19 Gaming L. Rev & Econ. 701 (2015).

Lesley Mitchell, Secret Agent Man: The Need for a Specialized Court-Martial to Try all Espionage-Related Crimes, 16 Gonz. J. Int’l L. 1 (2013).

Joe H. Prempeh, The Impact of Globalization on U.S. Labor Standards: The ADEA and a Need for More Legislative Protection, 64 Lab. L.J. 198 (2013).

Ryan Pulkrabek, Clear Depictions Promote Clear Decisions: Drafting Abortion Speech-and-Display Statutes that Pass First and Fourteenth Amendment Muster, 15 Marq. Elder’s Advisor 1 (2013).

Emily E. Randolph, ‘Furiosus Solo Furore Punitur’: Should Mentally Ill Capital Offenders Be Categorically Exempt from the Death Penalty?, 3 Mental Health L. & Pol’y J. 578 (2014).

Brandon Riches, Codifying Commonsense: Religious Viewpoint Antidiscrimination Acts and the Free Speech Rights They Protect, 2016 BYU Educ. & L.J. __ (2016). View Publication.

Jennie Vee Silk, Calling out Maryland v. King: DNA, Cell Phones, and the Fourth Amendment, 51(5) Crim. L. Bull. 1212 (2016). View Publication.

Justin Sumrall, Miranda and the Requirement of Rewarning: Analogizing Mosley and Edwards To Protect Post-Waiver Defendants, 13 Dartmouth L.J.  __ (2015).

John Paul McCarty, Restricted Remedy, __ Los Angeles Pub. Int. L.J. __ (2016)

Joe H. Prempeh, The Impact of Globalization on U.S. Labor Standards: The ADEA and a Need for More Legislative Protection, 64 Lab. L. J. 198 (2013).

Hope Stephens, From Defense to Offense: The Power Plays of the American Gaming Association, 20 Gaming L. Rev & Econ. 248 (2016). View Publication.

Brian Clark Stuart, Beaching Casino Location Laws: Why States Should No Longer Require Casinos to Build on or Near the Water, 19 Gaming L. Rev.& Econ. 701 (2015).

Michelle Tomes, A Child is Not a Commodity: Stopping Domestic Child Sex Trafficking, 24 U. Fla. J.L. & Pub. Pol’y 213 (2013)

Kaitlyn Tucker, Death by Ethnicity, __ Widener Journal of Law, Economics & Race __ (2016)

Kaitlyn Tucker, Mediating Theft, 25 U. Fla. J.L. & Pub. Pol’y 23 (2014)

Kaitlyn E. Tucker, Abduction, Torture, Interrogation: An Argument against Extraordinary Rendition, 10 Braz. J. Int’l L. 141 (2013)

Jennifer Ann Urban, Islamic Financing – A Successful Takeoff or a Crash Landing? Whether or Not Islamic Financing Should Be Used to Finance and Lease Aircraft, 9 J. Bus., Entrepreneurship & L. __ (2016).

Jennifer Ann Urban, Excerpt from Islamic Financing – A Successful Takeoff or a Crash Landing? Whether or Not Islamic Financing Should Be Used to Finance and Lease Aircraft, A.B.A. Young Law. Div. Air & Space Law Comm. Winter Newsl. __ (2016).

Jennifer Ann Urban, The Protocol to Amend the Convention on Offenses and Certain Acts Committed on Board Aircraft: A Missed Opportunity or A Sufficient Modernization, 49 Ind. L. Rev. __ (2016).

Jennifer Ann Urban, Soft Law: The Key to Security in a Globalized Outer Space, __ Transp. L. J. __ (2016).

Jennifer Ann Urban, The Need for Strict and Defined Cyberbullying Laws, 55 Washburn L. J. __ (2016).

Jennifer Ann Urban, Has GPS Made the Adequate Enforcement of Privacy Laws in the United States a Luxury of the Past?, 16 Wake Forest J. Bus. & Intell. Prop. L. __ (2016).

Matthew Watson, “The Dark Heart of Eastern Europe: Applying the British Model to Football-Related Violence and Racism,” 27 Emory Int’l L. Rev. 1055 (2013)

Marie Wicks, Prayer Is Prologue: The Impact of Town of Greece on the Constitutionality of Deliberative Public Body Prayer at the Start of School Board Meetings, 31 J.L. & Pol. 1 (2015). View Publication.

Will N. Widman Does My Employer “Control” My Facebook Account?: Emerging Social Media Privacy Concerns in the Workplace, 32 Temp. J. Sci. Tech. & Envtl. L. 211 (2013)

Garrett Wilkerson, Rigging Rights of Passage: Analyzing Subsurface Easements in Horizontal Drilling, Ctr. for Am. & Int’l L. Sixty-Sixth Ann. Inst. on Oil & Gas L., § 18 (LexisNexis Matthew Bender 2015).

Margaret Wright, A Caring Definition of ‘Care’: Why Courts Should Interpret the FMLA to Cover Unconventional Treatment of Seriously Ill Family Members, __ T.M. Cooley L. Rev. __ (2015).

Harrison Webb, Casino “Backrooming” and the Law: An Analysis of False Imprisonment Cases in American Casinos, 20 Gaming L. Rev & Econ. 38 (2016). View Publication.