Mississippi Sports Law Review, Volume 4 (2014-2015)

John Paul McCarty, Skin In the Game: Tattoos, Copyright, and Professional Athletes (Issue 1)

Kyle Prince, … After Further Review: The Future of Bullying & Hazing Laws and Interscholastic Athletics (Issue 1)

Wilson Raines, For the Love of the Game (Issue 2)

Macy McCarty, Academic Progress or Academic Failure?: Reform of the NCAA Academic Performance Program (Issue 2)

Mississippi Sports Law Review, Volume 3 (2013-2014)

Woods Drinkwater, Personality Beyond Borders: The Case for a Federal Right of Publicity (Issue 1)

Cullen D. Manning, Sports Betting After Sabermetrics: The Case for Applying PASPA Restrictions to Betting (Issue 2)

Mississippi Sports Law Review, Volume 2 (2012-2013)

Bethany Noto, Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes (Issue 1)

Matthew Stross, The NCAA’s “No-Agent” Rule: Blurring Amateurism (Issue 1)

Arman Miri, Applying Grokster to Streaming Peer-to-Peer Broadcasters and Live Sporting Events (Issue 1)

Wesley Ryan Shelley, Oversign on the Dotted Line: The National Letter of Intent as a Contract and Problems Concerning the NCAA’s 2012 Oversigning Regulation (Issue 2)

Alissa Castro, Private and Protected (Issue 2)

Stephanie Jordan Bennett, The NFL’s Prohibition Against Proselytizing: Title VII, Religious Discrimination, and Eye Black (Issue 2)

Ryan J. Becker, No Enforcement, No Problem: How Inefficient Regulatory Statutes Have Demonstrated the Need for a Federal Registration of National Football League Player Agents (Issue 2)

Mississippi Sports Law Review, Volume 1 (2011-2012)

Kathleen Ingram, Hats, Bats, and Antitrust: An Analysis of American Needle and the Major League Baseball Antitrust Exception (Issue 1)

Joseph Stuart Knight, Blown Coverage: Tackling Problems with the NCAA’s Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance Program (Issue 1)

Kimberly B. Taft, For Love of the Game: Why Major League Baseball Players Should Demand a Salary Cap and Revenue Sharing in the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement (Issue 1)

Kathryn Kinnison Van Namen, “Like” it or Not: Sports and Social Media – An Argument for the College Coach’s Right to Regulate (Issue 1)

Justin Campbell, The Continental Conference: The Argument for Creating Football Only Conferences in FBS College Football (Issue 2)

Adam Ribock, The NCAA: Enabling Cheating Since 1910 by Inadequately Punishing Cheating Coaches (Issue 2)

Joanna M. Frederick, Saving Silent Sufferers: The Case for Federal Regulation of Drug Use in Horseracing (Issue 2)