MacArthur Justice Clinic Joins In Nationwide Pre-Trial Detention Reform Movement

By: Prof. Phil Broadhead

UM Clinical Professor Cliff Johnson, director of the MacArthur Justice Center, is focusing attention on the ruinous effect cash bail bonds have on Mississippi families who live from paycheck to paycheck and have a family member charged with a non-capital offense.  According to the latest Department of Justice statistics, there are almost a half-million Americans on any given day in pre-trial detention, waiting for court dates in jail even though they haven’t been convicted of any crime.*  “This case, along with other cases we intend to file in the very near future challenging bail practices in Mississippi that result in unequal treatment of Mississippi’s poorest citizens, reflects the commitment of the MacArthur Justice Center to challenge unfair and unconstitutional practices so often found where poverty and our criminal justice system intersect,” Director Johnson said.  “This case also demonstrates the commitment of the MacArthur Justice Center to working collaboratively with organizations like Equal Justice Under Law.  We want to be where the action is, and we always are pleased to join forces with organizations working on the cutting edge of social justice litigation.  Equal Justice Under Law certainly fits that bill.”

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