Skill Session Seeks Instructors

The University of Mississippi School of Law will begin its second inaugural Skill Session January 6-10 and 13-17, 2014.  The Session is a two-week long new skills training program in which law professors and elite practitioners offer intensive courses to bridge the gap from law school to practice.

“The Skill Session embodies the law school’s focus on graduating students equipped with the ability to practice law, rather than just think about the law,” said Matthew Hall, associate dean for academic affairs.

“Along with our range of clinical programs, our journals and our advocacy programs such as moot court, the Skill Session ensures that our graduates leave the law school prepared to engage in the real work of lawyering.”

To add to this year’s program, the law school is looking for practitioners interested in teaching practical skills training courses.  Requirements include being committed to train the next generation of lawyers, possessing deep experience in a particular professional skill, and possessing the ability and enthusiasm to translate that experience into a series of concrete exercises.

The practical exercises must involve the students in a skills “performance” for each day of the Skill Session.

“The Skill Session represents a fundamental shift in the Law School’s focus – law professors and elite practitioners working side by side to train the next generation of attorneys,” Hall said.

All first year students enroll in Contract Negotiation and Drafting, while second and third year students choose from a variety of electives.  The electives range from Depositions to Lawyers as Entrepreneurs and from Chancery Court Practice to Elder Law Workshop, allowing upper level students to focus on litigation, transactional work or public service lawyering, and any number of areas including estate planning, real estate, sports law, entertainment law and intellectual property.

If you are interested in teaching in the January Skill Session, please contact Associate Dean Hall at