Thomas Clancy Retires from UM Law School

Director of National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law served 10 years

Oxford, Miss.-After a decade of dedicated service and outstanding leadership, Thomas Clancy has retired from the University of Mississippi School of Law.

Image of Professor Tom Clancy

Professor Tom Clancy

The research professor and director of UM’s National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law partnered with the National Judicial College. During that 10-year period, the collaborators co-sponsored 19 conferences for state trial judges, 14 appellate judge conferences, 10 conferences on Internet crimes against children and dozens of webinars.

“The contacts made during those events led me and other NCJRL personnel to speaking engagements in many individual states, national conferences held by other organizations, an all services military conference and numerous conferences organized by the NCJRL in individual states,” Clancy said. “In all, I estimate that almost a third of all the state judges in the country (perhaps 5000+) have in some way participated in the various events.

Clancy thanked William Dressel for agreeing to the partnership and providing years of support along the way.

“The staff of the National Judicial College, and in particular William Brunson and Kelly Zahara, have been integral to our success,” he said. “We have had long-time instructors, such as the Honorable Joseph Troy, Honorable Ilona Holmes, Honorable Mark McGinnis and Professor Jack Nowlin, who year after year provided outstanding presentations, materials and friendship that were irreplaceable.”

The NCJRL staff, including Don Mason, Priscilla Grantham, Marc Harrold, Michael Johnson, Sherry Watkins, Celeste Sherwood and Poindexter Barnes, made material and invaluable contributions over the years, Clancy said.

“Personally, it has been a deeply rewarding opportunity to work with members of the judiciary around the country and with the wonderful people who have contributed to our endeavors,” Clancy said. “As I move on to a new phase of my career, I look forward to continue speaking at judicial conferences. I am gratified that the National Judicial College plans to continue as the sole sponsor of The Fourth Amendment for Trial Judges, scheduled for May, 2015, and look forward to participating.”

“Tom Clancy was an outstanding teacher, and is a nationally recognized and highly published Fourth Amendment scholar,” said Richard Gershon, dean. “Under his leadership, the National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law fulfilled its mission of training judges and prosecutors from all over the United States. I wish Tom and his wife Sally the best in their new adventures.”

By Edwin Smith